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All About Specialty Coffee

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What's special about Specialty Coffee? Expand your knowledge about coffee and join the most intensive Specialty Coffee Workshop today! We will walk you through the coffee journey from bean to cup.

Workshop Syllabus:

Coffee History

What is Coffee? Botanical Classification & The Anatomy of the Coffee Cherry

Coffee Around the World

Philippine Coffee Primer

The Coffee Journey- From Bean to Cup

  • Processing
  • Guide to Green Coffee Defects
  • The Art and Science of Roasting: Roast Types and Roast Defects
  • Actual Roasting Demo

Sensory Performance

  • Sense of Smell and Coffee
  • Practical tips to train your senses
  • Sensory Lexicon & the Flavor Wheel
  • Actual Sensory Training

Coffee Cupping

  • Cupping Protocols
  • Actual informal coffee cupping

Hand Crafted Coffee Brewing

  • Brewing Ratio
  • Best Practices in Brewing
  • Hands-on coffee brewing


  • Hand Outs
  • Lunch and Drinks
  • Certificate


Workshop Fee:

Regular Rate: Php 3000 


Terms and Conditions:

(Please read first before paying for the enrolled class. Your payment is considered proof of your agreement with the following terms and conditions)

1. Change of Schedules/Cancellation of Classes.

Rescheduling that is initiated by the attendee can be done only once. We value everyone's health, so kindly inform 1740 Coffee Genesis through DM if you are not feeling well and cannot attend the workshop.

Please note that we can also re-schedule your workshop, in case the facilitators are also not feeling well or are exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms. Community Quarantine restrictions are also valid grounds for rescheduling.

2. Refund. Once paid, a refund is not allowed. 1740 Coffee Genesis will only refund the attendee if we are responsible for initiating the cancellation of the workshop.

3. No Show. Please inform us 3-4 days before your schedule if you cannot attend, so we can give the slot to othersIf the attendee did not show up on the day of the workshop schedule, the workshop fee will be forfeited.